Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fans and Swords and Junk, Oh My

The Th

The Väase has been at MOA a long, long time, possibly since the mall opened in 1992. It's a weird store, with giant fans, swords, vases (väases?), statues, and an overall dose of Strange. But for me, it will forever be tainted by the rumor I heard years ago that one of my highschool classmates took a girl to the back of the store and showed her his wang.

Yes, of ALL stores in MOA, how creative to do this at The Väase rather than some dank back hallway, or perhaps a fitting room at Marshall's. So to me, The Väase will always be a store of "junk."



däve said...

I don't trust äny store that uses än umläut in it's näme.

Bill Lindeke said...

i don't trust Mick Cheney