Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Doin' time at Chipotle

Welcome to Jail.

You can now eat a burrito at the new penitentiary themed Chipotle at Mall of America. Yes, it's true Chipotle has always had a moderny-metallic, spare feel to it. But this one takes it a step further by implementing row after row of prison-style benches. And the layout is incredibly poorly planned, feeling confining or even claustrophobic. This is despite having large windows peering out into the mall's hallway, where you can gaze at the "free world."

I had a brief talk with an employee about the jail cafeteria theme, and she tried explain the need for Chipotle to try "new layouts and new materials." This leads me to believe barbed wire will soon separate the cash register from hungry guests.

<---Babies screaming to get out of Jailpotle

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