Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Vigilant One

This mannequin has been at Sears for ages. The familiar light sea green Oxford shirt tucked neatly into his black slacks. He is the very definition of Reliable.

For many moons he has quietly observed people bicker over garments that don't quite fit...he has witnessed many a fashion trend skyrocket to wild fame and fortune and then fade like an old pair of Levis...and he has spent many quiet, dark nights of solitude in the wee hours, where the lurkers lurk and the, uh, murkers murk.

Yes, like an old, wise friend, he keeps vigil over the men's department at Sears. He does not move, he does not waver...he just watches. Many of his friends have come and gone (RIP wooly argyle sweater mannequin), but he has persevered. He is still, he is calm, he is timeless.

I call him Rick.


zollie said...


why rick?

wolf said...

Why...NOT Rick?