Saturday, October 4, 2008

LA tourists are laughing at us

Actually there aren't any LA tourists at MOA, but say for a moment there were. Chances are they'd scoff at the new True Religion store that's about to open. As a Midwesterner, I'd reckon a typical SoCal person would say True Religion has been passé since, oh, 2005 or something. But don't tell anyone from 'round here that. We all wanna be cool, ya know.

Fittingly, True Religion will be right next to the new Lacoste store, which means you can buy your $80 polo shirt with a gator and then swing next door to True Religion and get your $350 pair of jeans.

What makes these jeans so special, you ask? Well...if you have to ask, you're not cool. (Actually that question hasn't even been relevant since, oh, 2005 or something.)

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