Sunday, August 31, 2008

Best Buy and emptiness

I find the new Best Buy logo a bit unsettling, which is apparently only being tested at the new store at MOA. It's an empty yellow price tag, and for some reason they can't fill it with the words "Best Buy" due to copyright issues. Or something. Anyway, it feels like something is missing from this new Best Buy store...something...

Saturday, August 30, 2008

The South Cont'd...

OK, so...

Other things of note:

This lovely white structure serves no purpose. It is Optional. And notice the abundance of lanterns surrounding it...they, too, are Optional. Or, more accurately, they are worthless, as they somehow to provide almost zero light. Seriously, there are a billion lights/lanterns here, and yet this entire part of the mall is still trapped in terminal nighttime.

Some closeups of aforementioned worthless lanterns...

The GOP have hired the tallest man in the world (he claims to be 13'5", but I'd put him at a disappointing 12'10") to try to influence unsuspecting mallgoers to vote for McCain/Palin in Nov...and then he strongly recommended the orange chicken at Panda Express with a side of crispy spring rolls.

Here's Captain Insane-o, aka "Sharky," about to eat some kids.

Friday, August 29, 2008

The South...

As you all know, the South Side of MOA (aka "South Boulevard") has been thoroughly revamped on the 3rd floor over the past few months. The ceiling has been painted a calming cerulean blue, and all sorts of lanterns and tacky ornamental designs are now present.

This would all be wonderful, of course, if they actually FINISHED the job. You see, they added these new Ovals that display things like, well, see below...

Yes, these new Ovals are found throughout the South Side now, and you can see that *most* of them serve a purpose. But at each end of the hall, there are two empty Ovals (see below)...they serve no purpose whatsoever. Oh, they're decorative, you say? My Ass, they suck.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Day 0

I ca
I can't believe there isn't already a mallofamericablog at this site. So I'm the first, I guess...and rightfully so. I OWN the Mall of America. Or I might as well, anyway, I've been there a billion times. I promise you I've been there more than the real owners.

This blog is intended to update you all on the inner workings of the Mall of America. You will learn about such intricacies (but not frivolities!) as:
  • Has a certain pillar been painted recently
  • Did the lighting change in the South side recently (hint: Yes it has)
  • Does the new Best Buy look funny
You can see there's a wealth of information to be gleaned here.

To be cont'd...